5 Free WordPress Themes I Love From The Bottom of My Brain!

Well! Its been a while since I’ve written a freakin’ blog post. Am I the laziest person in this world? Will I get any award for my laziness? I guess, I wont πŸ™ Its raining outside and I don’t have any works to do. So I’m writing down this blog post about 5 awesome and […]

TechTunes Grabber v3 – Shared For Free[Switched to Simplepie]

TechTunes Grabber, Huh? I guess I don’t really need to introduce or explain about this to Bangladeshi webmasters. Actually, this is no longer a grabber, you may call it a feed reader, An advanced one! The previous version was nasty! I mean my code was really horrible. Like echoing HTML, parsing feed with regex & […]

TrickBD Mobile Clone WordPress Theme Shared For Free!

The mobile WordPress theme of TrickBD is a very attractive and well featured. Well, many of guys you are looking for this theme. And no one is giving it to you for free, right? Then stop crying and read this post :p . Actually this theme is not created by me. Its created by Sohel […]

OpenCric v2 – The Open Source Live Cricket PHP Script Shared!

Live cricket score is a great way to get a lot of traffic. People often uses iframes, javascripts from third party sites to display live cricket score on their site. But trust me , they doesn’t looks professional because you can’t customize them as your wish. And the worst part is they put their brand […]

Geeky Friday:Interview with Muhammad Subel(Founder MsDesignBD.Com)

Hello good peoples! This is the segment #2 of Geeky Friday. Geeky Friday is an interview hosted by Miraz Mac, where I invite the most successful, popular entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers and programmers. In the last segment of Geeky Friday I interviewed Shimul Shariar. And tonight our guest is “Muhammad Subel” . Yap! The founder of […]

Miraz Mac, Where the hell is that guy!

Well, Its been almost 2 months since I published my last blog post. My blog was facing downtime issues for few weeks, I was unable to reply most of the messages and e-mails. So, what the hell was you doing? Calm down! Here’s few of them πŸ™‚ Exam Problem I’m damn sure everyone of you […]

[ROOT]Block all Ads from your Android device without using any adblocker

Hey people! Nowadays almost everyone is using Android OS. I also use android and love the OS. Since Its powered by Linux kernel and I love Linux than any other operating system. There are millions of apps & games available for android. But the problem is advertisements. They are annoying, data consuming and most often […]

WapkaThemes – The new Era of Wapka Sites

Hey Folks! What’s up? Wapka Themes has been a hot topic since last few months. And finally they hit on January 7th, 2016. And today I’m featuring them on MirazMac.Info. What is Wapka Themes? Wapkathemes.mobi is a free theme hosting wapsite, that is created to offer professional mobile wapka themes for free. With wapkathemes you […]